Rubber Sheets

Rubber sheets are rubber molded into flat sheets with an even thickness and are often sold on roll o a specific length for easy handling. Common thicknesses of rubber sheets vary from super-thin films to 1/4-inch (6.53 mm) thick; the thickness of the sheet combined with the type of rubber used in the sheet determines its use. Once the material type is known, tools designed to cut through the rubber are used to cut different shapes from the sheet to form gaskets. The gaskets cut from rubber sheeting keep fluids and gases from penetrating products or keep them contained within vessels or low-temperature mechanical systems.
Nitrile Rubber Sheet

We are manufacturer and exporter of Nitrile Rubber Sheet is a co-polymer of butadiene. It has good general resistance to oil along with good mechanical properties, especially tensile strength, flexibility, compression set and impermeability to gases. It has moderate aging properties and good adhesion to metal. Read More »

Silicone Rubber Sheet

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of silicone rubber products that are available at highly competitive prices. Being durable and resistant to chemicals, these are widely used in various industrial applications. We manufacture these products using superior quality raw material in accordance with the ISO standards. Read More »

EPDM Rubber Sheet

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. produce EPDM washers, EPDM gaskets, EPDM seals, EPDM strip, EPDM tape and EPDM sheet for a variety of different industrial sectors. EPDM rubber is generally used for water resistance purposes... Read More »

Natural Rubber Sheet

We supply natural rubber as detailed below in a range of thicknesses ranging from 1.5-25mm in 1.2 or 1.4m wide 10m rolls, or cut to size. These sheets exhibits excellent physical properties including a moderate abrasion and temperature resistance. Read More »

Neoprene Rubber Sheet

We are one of the reputed manufacturer and exporter of Neoprene Rubber Sheets has excellent mechanical and good abrasion properties, It has a good resilience against heat, ozone and weathering and also gives good adhesion to metal. The recommended operating temperature range is between -400C to + 1250C. We also offer flame retardant grades. Read More »

Butyl Rubber Sheet

Butyl rubber is a copolymer or isobutylene and a small percentage of isoprene and has a very low permeability to air and other gases. It has excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation and sunlight, with an excellent temperature range of -450 C to + 1300 C. Butyl has a very low resilience Read More »

Viton Rubber Sheet

Our Viton rubber sheet is a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer generally used for applications including the automotive trade where the transport of bio-diesel is required. Read More »

Hypalon Rubber Sheet

Hypalon Rubber Sheet are characterized by ozone resistance, colour retention and stability, heat resistance, weatherability, excellent resistance to detoriation by corrosive chemicals and acids. They have remarkable resistance to ozone plus resistance to abrasion... Read More »

Polyurethane Rubber Sheet

High grade polyurethane elastomer, high wear and abrasion resistance. Standard product for most applications is 90 shore hardness and usually red. Read More »

Gasket Rubber Sheet

A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills a space between two surfaces or objects. Gaskets are generally used to prevent leakages between those two or more surfaces be it air or a liquid. Gaskets from ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. can be made from a variety of quality materials including Neoprene Sponge gaskets, PTFE gaskets, Viton gaskets, Silicone gaskets, FEP gaskets, Cork gaskets, Nylon gaskets, Foam gaskets, Rubber gaskets, Neoprene gaskets, EPDM gaskets, Nitrile gaskets, Silicone Sponge gaskets, Vulcanised Fibre gaskets, Ceramic Paper gaskets and more. Read More »

Sponge Rubber Sheet

Silicone rubber sponge sheet is the preferred choice of medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Closed cell means that the cells are non-interconnecting; therefore they do not allow water to wick through the sponge. Generally, silicone sponges have superior mechanical properties and are considered to have a complete closed cell structure. Expanded closed cell silicone sponge offers many of performance benefits of solid silicone in a softer and more compliant form. Typical or common uses of silicone sponge are namely gaskets, cushioning and sealing, but have been known to be used in many other applications. Read More »

Rubber Matting

Rubber matting is used for a vast array of different sectors of industry by ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD.. From electrical insulation matting to anti slip matting for entrance ways and footpath purposes and from horse stable matting and horse box trailer matting to heavy load workbench applications ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. offers a solution for you. Matting is available in a choice of colours; white, black or grey and in a range of different thicknesses and finishes including ribbed and honeycomb. Read More »

PVC Rubber Sheet

Rubber mats & matting. PVC mat & flooring products The Rubber & PVC flooring, matting, rolls, sheet & interlocking tile products here have many varied applications and will solve many flooring dilemmas. In special finished profiles... Read More »

Chloroprene Rubber Sheet

Chloroprene sheeting is used to produce insulating joints and coatings for protecting environments that are in contact with oils and other chemical products. It may also be used in outdoor applications, as it has a good resistance to temperature changes, ozone action and adverse weather conditions. Read More »

Fabric Reinforced EPDM Sheet

Reinforced EPDM sheet (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer sheet) is manufactured to the customers specification.
Reinforced EPDM sheet can be referred to as EPDM insertion... Read More »

Synthetic Rubber Sheets

Our synthetic rubber is engineered for applications where natural rubber may not be appropriate, such as exposure to oils, chemicals, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or outdoor environments. Our line of materials include neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, FDA nitrile, cloth-inserted and diaphragm sheeting. Read More »

Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheets

Pulley Lagging Sheets prevents belt slippage.
It protects from wear and corrosion and reduces material build-up.
It also influences belt tracking positively.
Pulley Lagging is designed to improve the friction coefficient between the Drive Pulley and the Conveyor Belt.
Read More »

Rubber Insertion Sheets

Rubber Insertion Sheets or popularly known as Diaphragm Rubber Sheets are Fabric reinforced Rubber Sheets. 1, 2 or more layer of fabric are being inserted in Rubber Sheets this reinforcement could be of either Nylon, cotton fabric this provide strength to the Sheets. Read More »

Rubber Checkered Sheet

We offer all kinds of Rubber Checkered Sheets which are widely used in our daily life like warehouse, walkway, playground, work place, kitchen, swimming pool etc. These are manufactured using superior quality rubber, these sheets are blister free and It includes vulcanized black and colored rubber sheets for technical uses and industrial application. Read More »

NBR Rubber Sheet

We offer a wide variety of NBR Rubber Sheets that are manufactured using superior quality rubber and are resistant to temperature. These sheets are designed in accordance with the ISO standards and are available at highly competitive prices. Further, to meet the specific requirements of our clients, we offer these sheets in various customized and standardized sizes. Read More »

Conductive Rubber Sheet

We are a preferred name in manufacturing a superior range of Conductive Rubber Sheets that are available in customized width and length specified by our clients. Being highly conductive and shock absorber, these products are widely used in the transformer station Read More »

Tan Gum Rubber Sheet

We are one of the reputed manufacturer and exporter of Tangum Sheet (High Abrasion Sheet). These sheets are manufactured of premium natural grade rubber for abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance. Read More »

Shot Blasting Rubber Sheet

We offer our clients a wide assortment of Short Blasting Rubber Sheets that are manufactured using superior quality rubber and are free from blisters. These sheets are used in industries where shot blasting processes are required. Read More »

Fluorocarbon Rubber Sheet

We are engaged in offering Fluorocarbon Rubber Sheets that are resistant to fuel and high temperature. These sheets can withstand harsh working environments hence cater to the needs of various industries such as automobile... Read More »